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Energy Management Solutions

We offer energy management services, uniquely qualified to help your building, company or residential space identify, prioritize, and implement strategies that will conserve energy, lower utility bills, and improve your bottom line. Our comprehensive building automation and energy management solutions help reduce energy, operational, and maintenance costs by up to 30% while optimizing occupant comfort.

Designed to meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship and durable performance, our energy efficiency solutions provide not only a competitive advantage today, but sustainability tomorrow and beyond.

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Buildings Get Smarter

Today, most plant operators and building managers have limited ability to analyze energy consumption and use insights from that analysis to optimize energy resources. Management efforts typically focus on “keeping the lights on,” resulting in a missed opportunity to drive significant cost savings and generate revenue. Increasingly, however, ongoing innovation in Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building capabilities are raising the bar of how an Energy Management Solution (EMS) can provide actionable insight to drive continuous improvement in efficiency and reliability.

An IoT-enabled EMS can drive cost savings and business benefits for organizations managing a variety of large plants, facilities and buildings. By leveraging networks of intelligent devices that collect, share and analyze data, an EMS can monitor and measure energy, delivering insights that allow a business to proactively implement measures to reduce consumption, manage resources more efficiently and reduce the risk of outages and breakdowns. Moreover, an EMS provides a network of intelligent, connected devices that continually collect, analyze and share data. This network can provide the foundation for a broader IoT strategy aimed at optimizing manufacturing operations and supply chain processes, enhancing security and improving warehouse management.

A Growing Priority

The Internet of Things and Energy Management

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Agata Business Services
Agata Business Services

Energy Management Solutions

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Lighting Solutions
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