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Low current

What Integral  Electric does for you?

  •     VDI cabling

  •     Sound system

  •     Fire safety

  •     Access control

  •     Video surveillance

  •     Alarms and anti-intrusion systems

  •     Intercom and videophone

  •     Television

  •     Computer networks and fiber optics

  •     Energy metering

You will enjoy

  • Comprehensive support for all types of projects: advice, installation and maintenance

  • A mastery of electrical techniques,

  • The expertise of an integrated design office

  • Adaptability to all sectors

  • Electrical equipment selected with high standards, to guarantee reliability and compliance

  • Technicians specialized in low current

Low current Electrical Installation

Low current equipment stands for what is put in place for the daily operation of production or logistics sites and for the safety of the premises and people.

The installations include noise or pollution sensors, anti-intrusion solutions or general electrical installations.

They can also take the form of more sophisticated systems, such as BMS (Building Management Systems) or CTM (Centralized Technical Management).

These optimize the functioning of the premises by enabling the equipment and technical installations’ remote control within the same building. They improve the economic management of energy, ensure the infrastructure security and can even provide comfort to people.

In addition, most low current equipment makes it possible to offer scalable solutions, based on the latest advances regarding infrastructure management.

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Innovative and Adapted Solutions for Your Needs 

To benefit from a complete low current installation solution, our team provide their customers with engineering specialists and autonomous and responsive technicians. The latter carry out implantation studies while taking into account the specificities of the different companies.

They can also ensure that production is maintained while the new equipment is installed.

We are involved both in the implementation of new facilities and in their maintenance, in a preventive, corrective or predictive and conditional manner. Teams can also train operators to use low current equipment to their fullest potential.

High Current

The benefits of High Current Installations

  • Facilitate the daily operation of a site

  • Centralize the equipment control

  • Improve the infrastructure’s security


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