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Smart Home Automation

Why choose Smart Home?

Imagine walking into your home with lights and music automatically setting the mood in each room, just as you need, after a long hard day. Imagine the heating being perfectly set to the weather outside before you even think about it, the blinds come down and the security clicks on once your family is safe inside.

Moreover, the kettle is on. Perfection.

A  Smart Home can do all this for you, and much more, freeing you from the monotony of thousands of everyday tasks. What’s more is that it’s so easy to use, no complicated control panels, no impossible programming. It really is an Intelligent System that knows what to do and when.


Home Automation System is a uniquely robust and reliable Smart system that gives you endless possibilities for your home automation design. It takes care of thousands of tasks to make your life more enjoyable, making you smile every time you enter your home.

Smart Homes are Intelligent homes; they do the thousands of small tasks needed every day to run your home, so you don’t have to.

Your Smart Home will put on your favourite lighting just as you enter your home, have the heating on to perfection, the blinds as you choose and the sauna ready. Enjoy the ease of living in your Smart Home, relax and let it do the work for you!

An ‘Intelligent’ Lifestyle on Autopilot


Life is better in a Smart Home; a home that knows what you want, and when you want it, whether you are there or not. A Real Smart Home automatically does the tasks you need without asking, giving you at the same time unlimited configuration options, so you have complete freedom to personalise your own Smart Home.

360° Smart Home Automation

Smart Lighting Control

Mood, Light & Ambience

Perfect lighting makes a room a magical place, whether it’s for a romantic dinner, a party or an important meeting. Lighting sets the mood and the ambience, the drama and the romance.

With Smart Home solutions You can let the light shine from multiple sources and different spaces to create the atmosphere you want. Chose from a rainbow of hues and colours to design your room’s feel. Change the mood and tone with the tap of a switch or relax and enjoy the magic of home automation.

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Automate Your Home to Live better in a Smart Home

Automate your home and enjoy solutions that will make your home more comfortable and pleasant to live in. Our engineers will help you create the smart home you’ve always dreamed of.
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Smart Heating & Cooling

It’s never too hot or too cold in your Smart Home! Each room has the perfect temperature, chosen by you, for every time of the day. At night your bedroom’s climate will give you a great night sleep, ready for the day ahead.

Unexpected guests? No problem, you can adjust the temperature in the guest room to suit, or turn up the heating for a while, right from your smartphone. And if no one is home, your Smart Home will adjust the heating accordingly, saving you energy and money.


A Complete Automation Solution

Smart Home System
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Home Cinema
Heating & Cooling
Heating & Cooling
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Multi-room AV
Blinds and Curtains
Automatic Blinds
Electrical Services
Electrical Services
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