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Strong current

What Integral  Electric does for you?

  •     Electrical installation of all buildings and connection to the distribution network

  •     Transformer stations

  •     Standby generator

  •     General low voltage switchboards

  •     Divisional boards

  •     Power supply of electrical devices

  •     Interior and exterior lighting

  •     Emergency lighting

  •     Air conditioning, ventilation, heating

You will enjoy

 A mastery of electrical techniques.


Comprehensive management of all types of projects: advice, sizing, design, production of execution plans, installation, preparation of files for the works executed, monitoring and maintenance.

  • An integrated design office

  • Adaptability to all sectors of activity

  • Electrical equipment from major brands, with impeccable reliability and compliance

  • Interventions in the rules of the art, in accordance with the standards in force

High current Equipment that provide safety  

High current is used to power a wide variety of equipment such as lighting or electrical devices.

The high current installations have to be thought through in order to suit the technical and security specificities of different the sites. They notably include wired mounted cabinets or control, regulation or division cabinets.


Each of them is custom designed and installed to be ready for use.
The implementation of metering plans, which provides an overview of the energy consumed within a site, is also part of these installations.

To minimize the effects of reactive energy on premises, it is possible to install capacitor banks that store electrical charges while preserving your infrastructure. Electric gates and electric vehicle charging points are also high current installations that can improve life in a company.

Instalation or Update of High Current Electrical Installation 

To enable companies to anticipate technological and environmental developments, Integral Electric’s teams offer solutions adapted to all the fields. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, Integral Electric supports companies in the tertiary sector and industries towards practices that meet their health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) stakes.

Integral Electric carries out projects from A to Z, from site analysis. They also take care of the preventive, corrective or predictive and conditional maintenance of your high current installations.

Thanks to their innovativeness, Integral Electric is able to offer precise and tailor-made solutions: improving employee mobility, but also optimizing electricity consumption.

High Current

The benefits of High Current Installations

  • Control the costs in terms of energy consumption

  • Opt for innovative solutions

  • Improve safety and well-being at work


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